The Maniac Agenda – Musicoin Artist of the Week

Congratulations to The Maniac Agenda on winning Musicoin Artist of the Week 9 – an awesome combo of edm and rock… breaking the rules… breaking sound barriers…Cobain meets The Prodigy… or something!) And of course props to worthy runners-up: Reggae man Roland Burrell and Russian popsters Mishel. The Maniac Agenda is a forwarding thinking electronic […]

Blockchain: What is it, How does it work…?

Blockchain has opened a new paradigm for independent musicians. The leading platforms for music streaming are Musicoin and Choon. The chief benefit is that musicians are compensated immediately for every stream while fans can listen to music free. The blockchain seems rather mysterious to many. For instance, how does the above relationship between listener and […]


New Arrival!  MMV2 The groundbreaking Musicoin Mobile application, on both the IOS and Android platform, has attracted not only existing users on the Musicoin Platform but also raised the eyebrows of a new group of internet users, millennial music lovers. Why do millennial listeners love free music? A new industry report has revealed the secret, […]

Musicoin Artist of the Week

The idea of Musicoin’s Artist of the Week program is to bring great artists to the fore and win them new fans. Musicoin is entirely democratic and favours no genre in particular. Therefore you will find rockers, hip hop artists, folk and country singers, jazz musicians, edm guys and exotic offerings from World music among […]

Musicoin’s new baby

Musicoin’s new baby launches today: Mobile App V1 It’s what we’ve been waiting for: the Musicoin Mobile app launches today, 30 January at 8pm GMT. Download it free from the stores, available for Android and iPhone. Musicoin is the pioneer of blockchain music, harnessing the power of the blockchain to allow fans to listen free […]

Music for all

95% of internet users don’t have access to music online, unless they subscribe to an expensive and closed streaming service. With the power of $MUSIC blockchain, they can now stream independent music for free, from a constantly growing catalog of labels and artists. There are no ads, it’s free, easy to share, and artists get […]

QR Code your page

One problem for Musicoin musicians is giving out  urls because our addresses contain the hex code of our wallets and thus make them totally unmemorable. Here is my Musicoin address in all its glory: I am sure you’d have a hard time remembering that! One fun way to get round the problem of unfriendly […]

Paradise lost & found!

The hero of this song is dreaming peacefully of girls with cherry lips, cavorting on the seaside sands, and other pleasant diversions, when the alarm rings its reality check, its clanging call to duty. Rudely awakened from dreams of paradise, the hero faces the day, not quite seizing it! He’s late as usual and dashes […]

Recent key Musicoin events

Musicoin delivers keynote address and showcases upcoming mobile app at the 2018 MaMA Music Festival and Convention On October 16-18, key members from The Musicoin Project’s global team convened in Paris for the 2018 MaMA Music Festival and Convention, where they showcased the world’s first blockchain-powered music streaming platform, unveiled their hotly anticipated upcoming mobile […]