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The Stevee Band’s Emanate page

You listen and your favorite artists get paid on Emanate

Join Emanate and turn your passion for music into something truly rewarding. There are more incentives than merely supporting indie artists. The age of the professional music lover is here. The age of the playlist.

Emanate is developing into a unique platform, where ‘music lovers can soon influence and interact by sharing music and artists to the community all while being rewarded.’ Emanate reckon it’s only fair that passionate and active users are rewarded for their contribution. If you want to support indie music and at the same time monetise the art of the playlist, join Emanate. The site truly understands what today’s music industry needs and how everyone – fans and musicians alike – can benefit.

For instance, playlists will soon be coming to Emanate. So you will be able to create and share playlists and receive micro payments for all streams. It’s a great opportunity for influencers and bloggers who have a network they can leverage. Become a professional music lover and monetise your passion. Chat about it on Discord.

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