New Arrival!  MMV2

The groundbreaking Musicoin Mobile application, on both the IOS and Android platform, has attracted not only existing users on the Musicoin Platform but also raised the eyebrows of a new group of internet users, millennial music lovers.

Why do millennial listeners love free music? A new industry report has revealed the secret, “It’ll prove more fuel both for the music industry’s complaints about the ‘value gap’”. Musicoin is definitely echoing the needs of the young generation based on the big trend of Fair Play for both musicians and music lovers. As described by Creative Crypto Magazine: “Musicoin is making moves in 2019 and building bridges to connect artists more intimately with their fanbases.”

Today MM upgrades to version 2.0. A new chapter opens to allow users to tip their favorite music tracks and artists from their own wallet. It’s different from the debut Version 1.0 , which gave a time-limited opportunity to subsidize tipping from a system pool called Universal Basic Income. With Version 2, users will be able to manage their listening experience much more easily in customized ways, and more functionalities will be centered around listeners who won’t have to pay the high subscription fees charged by today’s music streaming services.

It’s why MM is a “guilt-free” streaming service – the first Music streaming service that enables both fair play and free music at the same time. “Without blockchain technology and delicate design, it’s impossible,” said River Yan, a key developer of the project. Musicoin is the only streaming app emerging from blockchain technology with a scalable, sustainable vision. The team will continuously refine the product over the year, adding more features (speed enhancements, personal login, playlists…) as well as building up a global community and empowering artists.

In MMV2, still with free music, users can log in with their social accounts (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and access their account on the Musicoin platform. Their balances will show the same whether they are using the mobile app or the website. So listeners will use their own funds to tip their favorite artists, and their tipping history will be recorded on the blockchain permanently

Additionally, V2 also fixed several key issues in V1, including:

  • Play queue advancement logic
  • Android back button behaviour
  • Improved search functionality
  • Added infinite scroll on track lists
  • View your recent plays
  • View your recent tips
  • Select custom tipping amount on long press
  • Tip from your own wallet
  • Signup and login from the app using email, Facebook, Google or Twitter
  • Wallet balance

“This was something I had been dreaming of — somewhere fans can listen free and musician get paid fairly and instantly,” said Stevee, artist and Musicoin Ambassador.