Will you make $100 from your music today?

Maybe you will… maybe you won’t…

If you do make that kind of money today from streaming, then good luck to you, and my heartiest congratulations!

Some people are of course, such as Dawn Beyer who makes a great living doing live videos on Facebook.

But, honestly, how long does it take you to clock up $100 on streaming, or other online activities?

It’s not easy for us independent artists. I am sure that for many reading this it takes a while for $100 to clock up on streams. I don’t know if it’s true for you, but most of my income comes from activities in the real world – sessions, writing and gigs in my case. However, sessions and gigs have been cancelled this week due to the BUG the world has gone hysterical over. Another story!!!

So, I realised how important social media is right now. We are stuck indoors! Why not use the time wisely, realise how important social media is for our music and so something constructive about it. There’s no quick fix. You have to engage with people in social media as if they are real people. Get in the conversation. Be kind, give compliments genuinely, and take compliments graciously. Never forget the power of ‘thank you’.

The new kid on the streaming block – emanate.live – is looking good. They talk a good game. I am at emanate.live/stevee. I have just two songs there at the moment. Looking forward to Emanate coming out of alpha, so I can upload tunes myself. Choon is no more. Luckily, it seems (?) I am able to redeem my nearly-million Notes at Emanate.

Another pioneer – musicoin.org – the original music blockchain site, had a promising start but then faltered… So here’s hoping Emanate will succeed where others have failed.

Meanwhile, rock on!


Emanate the love – emanate.live/stevee
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