Alcohol & Angels

I am a British musician, songwriter and voiceover artist currently based in Moscow. This short film made by RT (formerly Russia Today) tells the story of how I gave up the bottle in a country with a reputation for heavy drinking. When I develop a taste for drink? What’s my most embarrassing drinking story? What was the last straw? How was I saved and long have I been on the wagon? All is revealed in this RT film.

It was shot in Moscow in early 2020 over a period of a few days, culminating in filming a live gig by my band at the fabled Rhythm & Blues Cafe, Moscow’s oldest music club founded just after Peretroika.

Here are some stills from the shoot:

Filming at Club Gitar in Moscow where I managed to get a great deal on a 1984 cherry red Gibson ES335
Shooting during rehearsal at Gigant Record for a gig at the Rhythm and Blues Cafe
Filming interview sequence with the script writer Vitaly Buzuev at Scenario Cafe in central Moscow
Filming on Red Square, Moscow
Interview sequence filmed at Rhythm & Blues Cafe in Moscow just before our gig there
With my saviour and darling angel Lora Semenova during filming on Red Square, Sparsskaya Tower in the background
The Stevee Band live at Rhythm & Blues Cafe, Moscow

Many thanks to the excellent team at RT, and in particular Vitaly Buzuev and Alexandr Avilov, for creating such a cool short film.