5 o’clock tea with Stevee

Big thanks to Anton Raktovich at the Jam Club in Moscow for having the idea for this fun format for a musical talk, in which I trace the history of pop music and also talk a bit about British traditions.

The first show, at 5 o’clock of course, was on 22nd August (2020) and started with the Blues, which is the mother of all pop music. While listening, the audience enjoyed a English afternoon tea, complete with the traditional cucumber sandwiches. Quite a novel combination – the Blues and English afternoon tea!

And it wasn’t all just talk. I had members of my band there to play relevant songs. For the Blues programme, you guessed it we played the Blues. For instance, Little Red Rooster, Stormy Monday and Key to the Highway, among others. You can see/hear snippets in the video.

The next talk, on 5 September, will be about Rock ‘n Roll and feature songs by the likes of Elvis and Chuck Berry. The talks take place every fortnight and after the Rock ‘n Roll programme, I’ll be chatting about the British Invasion (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks etc). That’s on Saturday September 19.

If you’d like to come along, you can get tickets here. Bear in mind that although the Jam Club is in central Moscow the talks are in English.

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