Bandcamp loves indie musicians

It’s always good to support indie musicians, but Friday June 5 is a particularly good time because, once again, Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share. So artists get 100% of sales. This is the third time Bandcamp has done this to support hard-pressed musicians during the challenging times of the Covid ‘pandemic’.

If you’re a Bandcamp artist you should step on it NOW and tell your fans to support you on Friday. If you’re reading this after June 5, 2020, don’t worry! Bandcamp is still a great place to sell your music, and you have complete control of the process. Plus, I don’t think this is the last of Bandcamp’s revenue-waiving days.

All possible genres are on Bandcamp, so music fans are sure to find something they’ll like. They say that people don’t buy music any more, but Bandcamp have raked in revenues of nearly $14 million in the last 30 days (time of writing June 3, 2020).

And if you want to support me, I will of course be eternally grateful. I will be releasing a new tune called Get It Right on Bandcamp this Friday.

If you want to support me (my music is mainly indierock) then head over to:

I will of course be eternally grateful. What’s more if you use the promo code ‘Lora’ at checkout, you can 50% off any of my albums or tracks. Rock on!