STEVEE Steeming on!

I am now a chip off the old BLOCKCAIN! I have joined the adventure:

It’s safe to say a revolution is taking place for creators and consumers alike, and it’s being powered by #blockchain technology. Artists, writers, thinkers, teachers – all manner of people of diverse persuasions, interests and insights – are now generating income for their ideas and creations.

If you have something to say, then you can say it.  Rule Number One: when you get into the #blockchain, it’s a good idea to support what others are saying and doing.

On, I’m concentrating on the musical side of being a Steemian. My music is becoming available on DSound (the audio side of #steemit). A lot have joined before me. I mean A LOT! However, I am still fairly early on in joining the #blockchain revolution and

Here’s a few things about becoming a Steemian:

  • It is in giving  that you receive. So ENGAGE with people, play nice and then ENGAGE some more!
  • Join all the Discord groups associated with for stuff that gets your rocks off!
  • At first, poke around, look, listen and learn. Comment a lot on what you encounter in your ongoing steemit adventure
  • Expect slow and steady progress at first
  • Continue diligently looking, listening and supporting others work
  • Comment on things you like
  • Vote (upvote is the jargon) for stuff you like
  • Patience is a virtue!

With steemit,com you just have to buckle up and steem on! is free to join – you’ll enjoy all its benefits as soon as you become an approved STEEMIAN.

Here are some links to great musicians I follow on steemit: