Musicoin Musings#2 | Podcast by STEVEE

Here’s the second of my Musicoin Musings podcast. The big news is that the Musicoin app is just round the corner, as is the amazing Volareo blockchain speaker; both developments will catapult Musicoin to a new level. The game is gonna change big time. The mobile app will be crucial in gaining actual fans. In many places round the world people only have access to music through their phones. Playlists are going to come and other exciting developments are on the horizon. Watch or rather listen to this space!

We are literally counting down the minutes to the Volareo launch as I write on this 14th of August 2018… The Volareo blockchain speaker is awesome – as it’s voice-activated, you can talk to it: “Hey! Go find me that podcast by that bloke Stevee’. You’ll be able to tip your favourite artists literally with your voice. And because it’s blockchain Volareo won’t spy on you. Musicoin will of course be on the speaker, with a roster of 5000+ musicians. More are joining all the time and Musicoin’s ambassadorial program ensures that there is a good proportion of top quality artists in all genres. STOP PRESS! After publishing the podcast news came in that Choon will also be on the speaker. Choon is a worthy companion to Musicoin – the platform is growing in leaps and bounds. More and more are chooning in. Exciting times for independent musicians for sure! If you have been reading, thanks so much… Rock on! STEVEE

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