Musicoin Artist of the Week (5)

Musicoin’s Artist of the Week program brings great indie artists to the fore every week. Musicoin doesn’t favour any genre in particular. So you will find rockers, hip hop artists, folk and country singers, jazz musicians, edm guys and exotic offerings from World music among Musicoin’s Artists of the Week (AOW).

Who will win this week?

This week’s contest feature a battle betweenSpawn (Netherlands), Alexander Ospanov (Russia) and Plush City (US). Some seriously hot tracks to check out in this lot: 

Alexander Ospanov (Russia) – a crossover producer with awesome beats, ethnic and even old style crooning a la Sinatra. Be sure to check out I Believe in Love, on which Ospanov collaborated with the great Austrian crooner Louie Austen. Then if you like it raw, loud and hard, Plush City’s blend of techno, metalcore and electronic mayhem is just the ticket. Lend your ears to Basement Savages. Or what about some high octane ska-punk to get you at it!? Spawn are The Netherland’s premier example of high energy ska-punk – a seven-piece band that blows up a storm. You’d be mad to miss Lunatics.

I am Musicoin’s curator for their Artist of the Week program. Every week, I select three artists. Naturally, they are from different genres as we don’t want rock to compete with rock for example. I set up a poll every week on Twitter (pinned to the top of my Twitter feed). In the post’s feed you can also, besides voting of course, listen to a track from each nominee. The great thing about Twitter is that Musicoin tracks stream directly there (on PCs not mobile).

Visit Twitter and support our artists. And don’t forget to vote, retweet and generally rock on!