Why you should should support artists on Bandcamp TODAY!

Bandcamp is a great site for indie artists to release their music. They are super cool folks and their revenue share is very fair. But today, Friday May 1, it’s even fairer – they’re waiving their commission. So artists will get 100% of all sales.

It’s part of Bandcamp’s campaign to help indie artists out during this difficult time, as of course all gigs and many sessions have been cancelled.

So be generous and go and buy some tracks from artists you like at bandcamp.com

If you want to support me personally that would be great. My bandcamp page is here. Or you can donate to my virtual tip jar at PayPal. Donations will be used to buy tracks at bandcamp. I’ve already bought a shedload today!

Thank you so much Bandcamp. Rock on!

Steve on bandcamp: stevee1.bandcamp.com/
Virtual PayPal tip jar: paypal.me/stevemoscow