Covid19 Blues

Covid19 has been a nightmare. Very bad news for artists and musicians with gigs and many sessions cancelled until further notice. It’s anybody’s guess when clubs, theatres and concert venues will open again. Naturally, the entertainment industry isn’t the only casualty of this pandemic, which some dub a ‘plandemic’.

It seems to me that when talking about this virus, people fall into two categories: those that believe the official narrative and those who call it into question. It’s in my nature to question things and the official version is getting leakier by the day. To start with, the figures are clearly inaccurate, with many doctors admitting that they put corona down as a cause of death with no actual proof that this is the case.

A great number of experts have come out to assert that the cure is more dangerous than the disease: social problems, divorce, and suicide have spiked. For instance, in Nepal there have been seven deaths reported from Covid as against 875 suicides since lock down started there on March 26.

Whole industries have been brought to a standstill. Small businesses and people’s livelihoods have been ruined. Our freedom was hijacked and we were put under virtual house arrest. Is this not disproportionate, a far too high price to pay for something that is not deadly for the majority? Words to that effect were said by the Chief Medical Officer of the UK a few days ago.

There is no doubt some higher political game going on that I cannot fathom, but whatever this game is we are moving towards an increasingly Orwellian society. The worst aspect of all this for me is the fear that has been engendered in millions of people around the globe. Fear is actually one of the major causes of disease. Fear of corona is needless but nevertheless it has been manifested and it is highly damaging. Our political leaders are culpable. It’s interesting that those making the rules are not the ones suffering penury and misery.

For a bit of comic relief my wife and I made this video, filmed entirely on location at our Moscow flat! I wrote the song at the instigation of a friend. A glance at YouTube reveals a great number of songs of the same title: Covid 19 Blues. This wretched virus has certainly given me the blues.