Musicoin Musings

#Blockchain is a marvel motivating a revolution in indie music of all stripes and hues. It’s all happening at The concept is simple: fans play free and musicians get paid in $MUSIC, one of the new crypto currencies, the daddy of them all being bitcoin. I trust Musicoin will navigate the ground ahead. People seem to be in turmoil about wallets and Bittrex, Etherium and various complex crypto currency issues. But I don’t want to drone on about that here. NO! The fact is Musicoin has amassed a roster of 2,500 independent musicians. The quality of music is very high. Unlike the big players such as Soundcloud, Musicoin streams a large amount of killer tracks. There’s not so much sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Musicoin is revolutionising music licencing in favour of musicians. Stop! Read that again. Well, hallelujah! Since the dawn of recorded music artists have been shafted, ripped off and treated like performing monkeys, i.e. they got paid peanuts! Now, music can be delivered straight from the musician to the fan, without layers of middlemen and intermediaries feeding from the trough. I personally remember my first deal with EMI Records. All the money vanished in a process of smoke and mirrors, and I remained a skint musician.

Musicoin has big plans to package music products with entrepreneurial third parties. For instance, they are working with the folks at  ROCKI to create the first blockchain audio speaker that actually pays musicians when fans clap. How cool is that!? Read an article on this mind-blowing development here.  But of course nothing big happens without challenges along the way. That’s why I encourage musicians and fans to support and JOIN Oh yes, did I mention, it’s FREE!

And now, back to the Musicoin musicians. I’ve discovered so much talent, some stellar songs and I want to share a small selection with you here:

ROCK: Fight For Your Right To The Truth – Artist: Juxta
SKA PUNK: Lunatics – Artist: Spawn
ALTERNATIVE ROCK: Shut Up And Dance – Artist: Shotgun21
EDM: Madness (with NewenX) – Artist – Raven
SINGER-SONGWRITER: Butterfly – Artist – Heather Sullivan
COUNTRY: A Long Way To Nashville – Artist – Nate Atkins
FUNK SOUL: Sexy Sexy Lady – Artist – Kahsay

Here is an example of the Musicoin embedded player. These are popping up all over the place, so you don’t always have to go to the Musicoin site to play. You can play some more right here on

Join the Musicoin revolution now at