Join the coin $MUSIC is a win-win situation for musicians and fans alike. The bottom line is that fans play for free while musicians get paid.  So musical utopia does exist and it’s enabled by the blockchain. It cuts out the middlemen and supplies music direct from musicians to music lovers.

There’s a lot to love about For each spin a musician earns nearly 300% more than the nearest rival in the streaming game – Spotify, while fans enjoy the music free, knowing they’re not lining the pocket of voracious corporate giants and are directly supporting independent artists. One of the most famous streaming services, Soundcloud, doesn’t actually pay its artists so much as a red cent no matter how many times they get played! Needless to say musicians and songwriters like to get paid and eat, as everyone else does, which is why they’re flocking in droves to The quality of the independent music there is sky high and doesn’t suffer from the dross the big players in the streaming game have to carry.

If you love music and care about musicians join now! What’s more, everything you spin there, for free, directly supports musicians and songwriters – no money finds its way into the sweaty palms of cigar-toking sleaze balls.

“Today, about 88.5% of the global music industry is largely dominated by three multinational record labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. With huge market monopoly, these record labels are in a position to dictate market rules that are most favorable to them.”*

Musicoin, with the aid of blockchain technology, is changing all that, finally achieving a fair deal for both fans and musicians.

“Removal of intermediaries has allowed Musicoin to transfer most of the value generated from music to the musicians.”*

If you’re a musician and you have full control over your content, you’d be crazy not to get yourself a free account. Once you are verified, each time someone plays your music you will earn $MUSIC coins. Don’t worry, you will always see what your accumulated coins are worth in USD. For an overview of the Musicoin project, read this white paper.

Join the coin today at

* From Mmusicoin-project-white-paper-v2-0-6be5fd53191b

Spin STEVEE’s musicoin page.

STEVEE’s Top Spin at Musicoin

Musicoin is in its infancy but it is already revolutionising how music is shared and compensated according to the principles of Sharism. The future looks bright. Here are some resources to stay in the loop as Musicoin $MUSIC develops:

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