Long live the Blockchain music revolution

Musicoin.org – FAIR for musicians FREE for fans

STEVEE tunes are on musicoin.org, along with many other great independent #musicoinmusicians.

Musicoin, by means of #blockchain, mines and mints a crpto currency called $MUSIC. This is distributed to artists and bands. The more plays they get, the higher the royalties become, and more $MUSIC accrues (this can be converted to bitcoin or even fiat currency). All the while fans play for free.

It almost sounds too good to be true. A miracle! I remember how it was for musicians and songwriters (having had a deal with EMI is the early 90s!) This is a sea change of stupendous proportions. Suddenly, music (and other creative output) has the ability to be delivered directly from creator to fan, thus cutting out layers of middlemen who cause inflated expense for consumers and penury for most musicians.

A musical revolution of epic proportions is taking place in the production and consumption of music. Musicians are finally doing it for themselves. They make the music and deliver it direct to listeners. It’s a brave new world and it’s gaining traction fast.

There are many fine independent musicians worth listening to and supporting on musicoin.org. Join the coin here.

STEVEE on Musicoin