QR Code your page

One problem for Musicoin musicians is giving out  urls because our addresses contain the hex code of our wallets and thus make them totally unmemorable. Here is my Musicoin address in all its glory:


I am sure you’d have a hard time remembering that!

One fun way to get round the problem of unfriendly urls is to QR code the link. The QR code above will go to my Musicoin page if you scan it with a QR code reader (incidentally they’re free on Google Play and the App Store). People seem to like using QR codes, I know I do!

And if you print things out such as flyers, business cards and etc, QR codes are a very cool way to link directly to the online content you’re promoting.

Here’s QR code to what is a lot of people’s favourite song of mine, Mandies & Blues:

You can of course use one QR code to link to a number of files contained in a zip file. I am a Musicoin ambassador based in Moscow, Russia and so I have created a bunch of material, tutorials etc in Russian. Here’s that QR code:

In short, QR codes are cool and can link to pretty much any online material you want it to.

If you want to make a QR code you can do it here