STEVEE – Musicoin Artist of the Week

Musicoin Artist of the Week - STEVEE

I got it! I am Musicoin’s Artist of the Week 28. I am very grateful to all the wonderful people who supported and voted for me and I’d also like to give props to the other acts in the poll. Fine artists, all! They are:

Billy Korg

Bruno Marcondes

Vacuum Road

Yan Lipavsky

(Click on their names and listen to their great material on Musicoin)

And if you’re not aware of Musicoin, in a nutshell the site uses blockchain technology to stream music from independent artists. Fans listen free and musicians get paid in $MUSIC, a crypto. Blockchain is making its presence felt in a number of spheres. For independent musicians, who have been ripped off by record companies and the music establishment for years, it’s at last a level playing field. In this brave new decentralised world, musicians deliver product direct to fans with absolutely no middlemen involved.

Check out STEVEE tunes at Musicoin

And rock on!