Russian Ambassador for Musicoin

STEVEE Musicoin Artist of the Week
What a week! First I managed to get Artist of the Week at That’s the gong.

And then to cap it all they appointed me their Russian Ambassador. So now I am on a learning curve and quest to find out what being a good ambassador is all about. If any Musicoin ambassadors happen to read this, it would be good to hear your thoughts. I will fly the flag for Musicoin in Russia and will be introducing some superb Russian musicians soon.

If you’re not aware of Musicoin, and you’re a musician or just into music, then you should seriously take a look at Musicoin. A revolutionary tipping of the balance is taking place, away from deals that favour corporates directly to the benefit of independent artists and fans. In a nutshell, the site uses blockchain technology to stream music from independent artists. Fans listen free and musicians get paid in $MUSIC, a crypto currency. Blockchain is making its presence felt in a number of spheres. For independent musicians, who have been ripped off by record companies and the music establishment for years, it’s at last a level playing field. In this brave new decentralised world, musicians deliver product direct to fans with absolutely no middlemen involved. Except perhaps the odd ambassador!

So… it’s been an amazing week. Thanks so much, Universe! Rock on…

STEVEE Musicoin Russian Ambassador

STEVEE @ Musicoin