STEVEE songs in new film

STEVEE have some songs and tunes in a Russian movie releasing on 19 December. The film is called ‘До Нового года осталось… ‘ (5 Days to New Year). Big thanks to super actresses and producers Svetlana Bolshakova & Tatyana Vinogradova and director Alexey Bajanov for their trust.

The film is a feelgood New Year movie, as opposed to a Christmas movie. The Russians are more into new year’s. For example, that’s when they all give each other presents and drink inordinate quantities of champagne. Set in Moscow, the plot follows the fortunes of five heroes in a five-day countdown to New Year. Drama, tears, love, reproach, romance are the cinematic ingredients set against the festive atmosphere and snow of Moscow’s Old Arbat. You can read full details of the movie in Russian here.

The song featured in this clip is called Trick of the Light. Listen to the full track here.