New STEVEE EP coming soon!

I’m getting ready to release a new EP. Been cooking up a good one in the studio. Three songs will be released exclusively on The only other place you’ll be able to listen is on but that will of course be via embedded Musicoin players. So it’s genuinely an exclusive release for an unspecified time at my Musicoin page.

Musicoin is powered through blockchain, in which I fervently believe . You could say I’m an evangelist for the cause of #blockchainmusic. It’s a shining model of fairness in a world where both artists and fans have been treated rudely for too many long years. I remember my first record deal. It was with EMI in the early 1990s. I earned a paltry royalty, a fraction of the record’s selling price. If you’re old enough you will remember paying 15 pounds or so Sterling for a new CD release back in the bad old days. The artist earned a pittance while fans were lumbered with having to pay through the nose. All the piggies at the trough, the record companies, intermediaries etc had to feed, and being piggies there wasn’t much for left for the people who actually thought of and created the magic. Well, I guess an artist’s life has never been easy, but…

Blockchain takes this outrageously unfair model and turns it on its head. Musicoin through the use of UBI (Universal Basic Income) is doing something truly revolutionary. It’s now possible for artists to deliver music directly to fans WITH NO INTERMEDIARIES! It is serendipitous and surely miraculous: the artist gets paid a fair amount for each and every play, while fans enjoy a truly killer deal – THEY LISTEN FOR FREE!

The songs are:

Pinch Of Salt: I don’t usually write political songs but this is one. Essentially the old adage is true, ‘Don’t believe what you read in the papers.’ It’s all a pack of lies. This is a gritty, maybe not pretty tune, but it rocks hard.

Girl In The Crowd: That moment when you see a pretty face in the crowd, your eyes connect and something fleeting passes between you. Just for one second and then it’s gone, as temporary and fragile as sun-kissed bubble that lives a brief seconf before popping and vanishing in front of your eyes.
When The Girls Come Out To Play: A song about growing up and how you don’t like the girls much when you’re nine… but then pretty soon they get under your skin and you have a hard time staying sane.​
All the songs were recorded with my typical modus operandi – the drums, bass and guitars are recorded live and then there are a few overdubs before mixing. I love to record this way because playing all together at the same time simple gives you a better feel.

New STEVEE EP out soon exclusively on