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Stevee indie rock artist

Musicoin is a streaming platform that uses blockchain technology to pay crypto to musicians and let fans listen for free. It’s win-win situation for musicians and fans alike. I invite you to join me there, using this link.

I am happy to say that the top two songs on my Musicoin page have been rewarded with the quite rare 1000 $MUSIC tip – $MUSIC being the crypto currency used by Musicoin. I hope you will click the links and give them a listen

A short black dress… the bright lights… it’s time to paint the town red! Pop song with an intriguing reggae section about a night on the tiles. Written by zubkov/elliott

When the Girls Come Out to Play – Musicoin exclusive
The title track of my new EP. A song about growing up and how you don’t like the girls much when you’re nine… but then pretty soon they begin to get under your skin and you have a hard time staying sane.​ PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE MUSICOIN EP. At the moment you won’t hear this pretty awesome tune anywhere else

If the embedded player screws up, use the links below:

When the Girls Come Out to Play