Consume the news with a generous dose of salt

Nations and peoples have fought tooth and nail for about forever. History is a bloody business full of intrigue, war and enslavement. This century has seen the pressure ramped up – East pitted against West…again! When, in fact, we are all children of Mother Earth or God depending on your belief system. We should therefore love one another… nourish and sustain one another. The chief culprit in maintaining our paranoia is the news. The old adage, ‘Don’t believe what you read in the papers’, is true. Political news is designed to maintain a state of fear, foster suspicion, and the inclination to create enemies where none exist. It’s a tissue of lies, fake… a monumental distraction and deception.

I don’t usually write political songs but the rubbish and lies you read in the press concerning the geopolitical situation is deeply depressing and got me at it! The idea of demonising nations and peoples because they don’t happen to share your beliefs is flawed and contrary to the law of God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and what all the enlightened thinkers through the ages have told us. Today, the mass media is a devil’s brew of lies, owned by political masters, designed to sow seeds of mistrust, mayhem and misrule.

Pinch Of Salt is gritty, angry rock, ranting, wailing and railing against an evil king and all his servants. Plus a little homage to Kurt Kobain! And you’ve probably spotted the reference to a famous Who song if you read the lyrics above. The song is from my new EP, When The Girls Come Out To Play, only available at Musicoin.

Pinch of Salt
You can take The Daily Mail

And burn it in a chimney stack –
It’s just beyond the pale
When you smell a rat.

Help yourself to a pinch of salt
And throw it in the Devil’s eyes,
Don’t let the man default
Or sell you another lie.
You’ll only have yourself to blame
If you get fooled again.

You can take The New York Times
And flush it down a pan.
Try to read between the lines
As best as you can.

(Pinch Of Salt from the EP When The Girls Come Out To Play)


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