The Stevee Band is British guitarist and vocalist Steve Elliott’s band, which plays original STEVEE songs (Jazz, Blues, Indie Rock), and arrangements of rock and pop classics from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, Sting, Chuck Berry, Pink Floyd, etc., as well as traditional Blues (Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson, etc.). This new outfit has performed in Moscow at BB King’s House of Blues, Rhythm & Blues Cafe, Scenario Café, Event Regatta 2019, at private parties and corporate events.

The Band

Stevee – vocals, guitar

Pavel Mikaelyan – keyboards

Vladimir Tyron saxophone, wind instruments

Eugeny Kuznetsov (Gigantic) – drums, backing vocals

Igor Fydorov (Dydya Fydor) – bass

(International band British, Armenian, Ukrainian and Russian:))

Steve Elliott

Bandleader Stevee, a British singer-songwriter, has been living in Russia since 2007. He has been writing music since his teens. In the UK, he collaborated with respected songwriters and musicians. In the 1990s, he co-wrote songs with Anton Mullan that were released by EMI. Stevee also produced commercial music for TV and radio jingles. More, recently, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, he performed in the Duo Lisovets Elliott with a programme of music and poetry called Love7Sense (co-authored with Marina Lisovets). Stevee also contributed songs and music to Alexey Bazhanov’s film Until New Year is left…(released December 19, 2019).

Pavel Mikaelyan

Pavel is a talented young Armenian pianist, composer, and student at the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. In 2013, he won first prize at Revival Festival, an international competition for young composers. He writes electronic music, film and cartoon soundtracks, teaches and lectures on music, performs solo and as part of musical groups, including the Duo Lisovets&Elliott and the Brooklyn Band.

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Charismatic drummer, vocalist, and founder of the Gigant Records recording studio in Moscow. Drummer for the Grand FuzzeRs – the only GRAND FUNK RAILROAD tribute band in Russia. Stickman and backing vocalist for Igor Nekrasov’s COMMUNIQUE, a tribute to Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler. Evgeny participates in music festivals, including the Blues-Bike Festival in Suzdal and is a jury member of the Emergenza Festival.

Vladimir Tyron

Vladimir is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays some 30 instruments, including saxophone, dulcimer, and wind folk instruments. He was a soloist of the Musical Theater of National Art under the direction of Vladimir Nazarov. Currently, he plays with Russian star Garik Sukachev, formerly with Duo Lisovets Elliott, writes and plays for the Partizan FM folk group, and participates in many other music projects.

Igor Fydorov

Igor Fyodorov (Uncle Fyodor) – bassist, backing vocalist. He’s been playing bass since he was 15. He was in his first band in the 1970s – The Black Guitars. He worked at Mosconcert and toured with the Merry Guys, performed in the GDR at the Rock for Freedom festival, performed at the days of Moscow in Helsinki with Irina Otieva’s group, and with Sergey Belikov. In the late 90’s, he performed at the days of Moscow in Sofia with Larisa Dolina, and worked with the virtuoso guitarist Viktor Zinchuk, Golden guitar of Russia. Igor is involved with other stellar artists and groups: Moscow’s oldest group, Alexey Belov’s Successful Acquisition, the Primus Group and Cover Stars. He also plays in the Grand Funk tribute band Power for Three.