Musicoin video overview

A short video overview of Musicoin and below in article form.


Musicoin is revolutionizing the way music is consumed and distributed: fans listen FREE, and can engage with and support independent musicians, while the musicians themselves earn the highest stream rate in the industry.

Did I mention, there are no ads? No? Well… there are NO ADS!

Musicoin is powered by blockchain. So what does it all mean for independent musicians?


Musicians enjoy many advantages at Musicoin. First and foremost, they get paid fairly in a unique crypto currency. Secondly, contracts are transparent and there are no middlemen. Thirdly, it’s a real musical community in which musicians can interact with each other and fans. So, Musicoin is revolutionizing the way musicians distribute music and is boosting its value at the same time. The Musicoin Blockchain delivers instant payment for every stream. How cool is that!


To recap, Musicoin utilises the power of blockchain to let fans listen free while musicians get paid. The technology uses blockchain to power a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform, where transactions are transparent and secure, and musicians get 100% of the revenue from their streams.

By now you’re probably thinking how is it possible for fans to listen free and for musicians to get paid! It sounds like magic but it isn’t really. Musicoin does it by leveraging the power of blockchain, removing the middlemen and implementing Universal Basic Income (UBI). You can read more about how this economic and sustainable model works on this page at

Musicoin is also about creating a living breathing musical community based on the principles of Sharism, a concept realized by Isaac Mao, Musicoin’s Chief Architect. It emphasizes nurturing knowledge and value within a community to create a positive social impact. Everyone is valued and necessary to Musicoin: the miners, listeners, developers, outside providers, and of course the musicians.

So what do musicians get paid in? It’s a global currency called MUSIC designed to support the global trade surrounding music and music-related businesses. A cohort of miners, in a tried and tested system proved by Bitcoin and Ethereum, generates the currency. Basically, mining is impregnable and can’t be maliciously tampered with.


A Musicoin smart contract is ironclad and means each stream operates on a Per-per-play basis. MUSIC is automatically transferred to the rights holders for every stream.

By listening to musicians on Musicoin, you can feel good knowing your streams pay musicians more than any other streaming platform. Actually much more! You can also “tip” MUSIC to your favorite musicians and support them even further.


If you want to get the full scoop on Musicoin, I suggest you visit the Resources page. Here you’ll get answers to burning questions, whether you’re a musician or a fan. And if you want in depth Musicoin knowledge, be sure to click the link to read the white paper. Click the Music Forum link too, and you’ll see a thriving community in action. There’s so much happening in there. Go and see for yourself!


On Musicoin’s ‘Getting started’ page you’ll find out how the Musicoin Desktop Wallet works. That’s where your currency is kept. You’ll learn about exchanges and other important cypto currency stuff here.

I’ll finish this whistle-stop tour through Musicoin with some BIG NEWS: the Musicoin mobile app is coming soon and this will be a game changer. Also the amazing Volareo blockchain speaker is coming… Both developments will catapult Musicoin to a whole new level.

Isn’t it time you joined the coin? Sign up at

I joined in December 2017 and I fully endorse Musicoin for what it has already achieved for listeners and musicians, and what it’s going to achieve in the future.

STEVEE Musicoin Russian Ambassador